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good morning monika sam that knee. even some rain and wet snow in spots before the day is over. >> grab a heavy rote. the day planner expect temperatures to not move very much from where they are now. in the 30s and low 40s? maybe get back to 43 here midday with a few sprinkles later this morning into midday. better chances east and southeast of us. then for the drive home some rain and wet snow in spots and west of town you will be dry most of the day. in fact most of this nor'easter coming up the coast i think west of 95 not that much moisture. in the 30s now and mid 30s in many areas and low 30s in the mountains to around 40 in d.c.. warm spots are 42. but the radar now low pressure coming up coast here through north carolina and virginia and closer to long island now back to southern jersey and even our neck of the woods. one thing is that isn't reaching the ground yet. temperatures today maybe make
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the low 40 end zone spots but late this afternoon this evening some minor buildup on the grassy surfaces especially east and northeast of town. in baltimore winter weather advisories have been posted. it is 6:00 a.m. time to check in with monika with timesaver traffic. unfortunately ugly on the northbound side of i-95. but look at all the red behind me, going about 16 miles per hour getting up to triangle and dumfries an accident after route 610 blocks the left side of the road. then beyond that it's actually great. a live look beyond that and as i said near prince william parkway traffic is moving at the speed limit. most of the way to springfield where it bunches up again trying to exit to the beltway. so watch out for that accident northbound 95 after route 610. back to the maps this time a look at the southbound side of i-270. no issues to report. it's just a brake lights route 109 down to 121 and then it breaks free into jermantown. i'll be back with more coming
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up. big night last night. president obama wins re- election. the gop holds the house. the democrats fend off challenges in the senate. >> maryland voters win gay marriage and if you're just tuning in welcome to our campaign 2012 coverage. we'll take a look at the results throughout the morning. >> president obama as we said won re-election tuesday to a second term after a long and often bitter campaign. against challenger mitt romney. >> and one of the big stories around here voter tushout was huge. check out the video from dumfries, virginia. some voters waited in lines of up to four hours to cast a ballot. they were not giving up. they were in a long line and they stayed if place even after -- in place even after the polls closed last night. kristin fisher starts our coverage. she's talking about the race for president. kristin, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. well you know it was a long night but it wasn't nearly as long as many people feared. nor was the race as close as many people thought that it would be. the final returns are still coming in but right now president obama is up by about
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1.8 million popular votes and also swept the big battleground states. ohio, florida, and yes, virginia. but barely. and listen to this. the sound from president obama's election night rally. [ cheering and applause ] those are the wild cheers at the obama victory rally in chicago as the newly re-elected president walked out to deliver the victory speech around 1:40 this morning. in it he thanked the nearly 58 million americans that turned out to vote for him especially since some people had to wait in line for several hours to vote as mike was saying earlier. now president obama even mentioned a reference that those long lines in his speech by saying by the way, we have got to fix that. now in regards to his opponent the president not only congratulated governor romney on a hard fought campaign, he wants to sit down with him in the weeks ahead to talk about working together to move forward. >> i believe we can seize this
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future together. because we are not as divided as our politics suggest. we're not as cynical as the pundits believe. we are greater than the sum of our individual ambitions. and we remain more than a collection of red states and blue states. we are and forever will be the united states of america. [ cheering and applause ] >> reporter: a much more reserved somber environment at mitt romney's campaign headquarters last night in massachusetts. now the former governor there spoke around 1:00 a.m. that's almost two hours after the first projects came out that he was -- projections came out that he was probably going to lose that race. excerpts and a half hour at 6:30. the big question this morning heading into you know the next year and president obama's next four years in office is will he be able to do more in his second term given the fact that we still have a republican controlled house?
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here on capitol hill? back to you. >> all right, kristin fisher thank you. there were also some critical issues that marylanders voted on yesterday. one of the most controversial? gay marriage. it passed 52% to 48%. now the state will be the first to approve same sex marriage by popular vote. there's also the dream act ballot which passed 59% to 41%. undocumented immigrants are now allowed to pay in-state division at local community colleges. there's also question 7, which passed 5 #% to 48%. -- 52% to 48%. this lets a casino in prince george's county and table games in five other gambling venues. and as we move to virginia democrat tim kaine beat republican george allen in the u.s. senate race there. are 52% to 48% was the final numbers, kaine will replace jim webb who is retiring from his seat. in the district of columbia michael brown was defeated. >> david grosso edged him out.
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>> brown was troubled by a string of uncomfortable revelations concerning his finances. >> upset over a string of ethical failures by various city leaders, brown is out, david grosso is at large city councilman in our district. >> we want to get live to ko im. good morning. >> reporter: good morning andrea and mike. we continue to see most ethics this morning, three charter amendments surrounded the character of the politicians and they all passed overwhelmingly. the numbers tell the story of how voters want the 13 member council and the mayor to stay away from trouble. amendment 5 now lets council members with a five out of six vote to expel one of thinker own for quote -- their own for quote gross misconduct. also convicted of a felony while in office cannot complete his or her term or run for office ever again. and finally 78% of voters
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passed amendment 7 which applies the same restrictions to the mayor's seat. it has been a roller coaster year, mike and andrea, two council members resigned before they were convicted and now new parameters are set for the members. mendelson continues to lead the council finishing out kwame brown's term. he easily beat out auditor calvin gurley. that's a look at the changes to d.c.'s home charter back to you. after taking and keeping his electoral college lead president obama pulled ahead of mitt romney in the popular vote overnight. >> let's go over to jessica doyle who has charles san tang low and also an author. >> of course we're talking about the situation with the electoral vote. versus the popular vote. and at first, it seemed like one was going to go one way, one was go to go the other. if you look at the electoral votes there's 100 point swing between the into candidates --
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two candidates. the popular vote there's a two million vote swing. that's in the a landslide. that's not that wide. >> it's not a landslide at all jessica but the good news is that we could fix it. we could have a constitutional amendment to change that so that we have a straight popular vote. it doesn't have to stay like that. >> is there an advantage to keeping the electoral college versus going straight with a popular vote? which would therefore you know be representative of every person's vote counting. >> you know, the founding fathers created that system. we believe that it's ant kuwaited. so my -- antiquated so my sense is that we should change it. it creates the possibility of a split decision. let's fix it and move on. >> you're an experts in voters irregularities as well. and one of the concerns that you had from yesterday and from pro voting was -- prevoting was the long lines, tell us a little bit about that.
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>> florida, ohio and virginia all had long voting lines and one of the ways that happened is when you have -- when they decrease the number of voting hours prior to election. early voting. and in -- that happened in those states. we want to not do that. we want to have a lot of early voting hours and we want to keep the machines as available as possible so that people can vote where they need to when they need to. >> want to ask you real quick before we go, president barack obama gets a second term. what does this mean about do we now live in a postracial america? is this a sign of a major step forward? >> it was a very close vote as you know jessica and the vote was heavily white for governor romney. i don't think we can quite say that. so i wouldn't go that far. but i think that it's clear that the president realizes he's got to represent all of america and i know he will do
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that. >> definitely seeing some advances at least on that front. thank you so much charles. over to mike and andrea. when we come back a closer look at the race for the white house. >> we take a look at some of the swing states specially ohio which proved to be a huge difference last night. we'll be right back.
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howard here with your weather first. a cold breezy cloudy day. a midday high around 43 and. thes falling into the -- temperatures falling into the upper 30s for the drive home. i'll be back with the full seven day forecast talking about a warming trend in just a few minutes. howard, we're in a bit of a bind on the northbound side of i-95 right now. as you approach dumfries before route 234 an accident is blocking the left lane causing delays occupy there. and then again here in springfield bumping up route 644 to the beltway at least here the lanes are open. i'll have details on the accident coming up in my next report at 6:18. back to you guys. virginia gave her 13 electoral votes for a second time to barack obama. the results further cement virginia's newfound position as a swing state but by the time president obama won the state with a 2.2% margin he had also won ohio and his re-election
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was assured. here is ed o'keefe with the washington post. you have been in ohio for how long? you've been there as long as the president and challenger mitt romney have been there. >> not quite. no, i've been here since friday night. monitoring the final days of early voting. and expecting that perhaps we might have to be here much longer but as you said things closed up pretty quickly last night. get to come back to see my own home. >> you know the comics who were talking about the candidates making so many tots in ohio -- stops in ohio they said whoever would win would be the president of ohio. but the president carried most of the swing states and that was the surprise. what was the winning strategy for him? >> you know i think when all is said and then, they will give a lot of credence to the fact that the president was able especially in ohio and keen coming up just short -- even coming up just short in north carolina and in florida really running up the margins with minority voters.
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and with women. here in ohio, over the weekend there was a really aggressive push by the campaign. something they souled souls to the polls. they had -- called souls to the polls. they had about 73 churches across the state that agreed to donate their church vans that literally would leave from their service and head to the early voting site nearby. the idea being if they can get predominantly black churches to convince parishioners they had to vote. that would drive up support and it appeared that happened in ohio. in north carolina for example you had organizing around barbershops. they came up short there but the president was ahead early on. and part of that they believe was because he was able to drive up black turnout for example. same thing in florida. you saw a big increase in the state's so-called i-4 corridor between tampa and daytona. part of that because the puerto rican vote was driven up again in support of the president in the orlando area.
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>> it's a different landscape now with all of these new voters in there. it's going to be a real challenge four years from now isn't it? >> it is and i think the republicans are reminds if they hadn't been told over and over again over the course of the campaign that demographics are shifting and certainly the model in year was quite -- this year was quite similar to four years ago. votes were up among younger voters. he had strong support from women. and he had strong support from hispanics and blacks and notably for the first time in u.s. history, 10% of the electorate was hispanic. and everyone says that it will never be -- single digits again. that you know the hispanic vote will only continue to grow. >> ed o'keefe reporting from ohio via skype. thanks for speaking with us and we look forward to having you back home. cold start. before the bus stop forecast, if you go to coolidge high school we're getting word they are closed due to no heat in
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the building that's coolidge high school in d.c.. closed no heat in the building. our bus stop forecast, it's a chilly one this morning. we've got 30s and 40s with cloudy skies and a sprinkle down to southern maryland and the northern neck. some moisture coming in from that nor'easter which will throw plenty of downside our day and wig -- clouds our way and kick up the winds out of the north this afternoon and yes some light rain or a rain/snow mix even into the afternoon and evening hours as temperatures drop into the upper 30s. doppler is picking audiotape the storm off -- up the storm offshore. you can see the moisture in long island, jersey and the delmarva coast. the air is so dry hardly any of this is reaching the ground yet. we do know southern maryland here's reedville a couple of sprinkles there and lock at that off the areas in the lower chesapeake are seeing that. then the dover delaware doppler seeing heavier showers into central and northern delaware. that moisture is really going to hit jersey hard and the winds are going to hit the coastal areas they could gust
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50 maybe 60 along the coast. our gusts could top 30 here later today. tonight early thursday. temperatures are running nit maryland 30s in montgomery county. 37 in laurel and centreville and outside on the michael & son weather camera cloudy skies starting to show up here. 25 minutes before sunrise with a temperature of 40 and a windchill of 33 thanks to the north winds at 12 miles an hour. so here's our nor'easter. coming up nor'easter because predominantly northeasterly wind affecting coastal areas. by lunchtime some snow, new jersey, delaware. some rain and basically south and east of town can that will if -- and that will be the case with most of the storm. cold enough in spots especially up in jersey and delaware that we could have several inches of snow. open in baltimore an inch or more if we get any buildup on the grassy areas in d.c.. road fasts ares -- surfaces are too warm but not expecting much more than a dusting. 43 midday high and really some
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afternoon evening showers and snow showers and more east and northeast. tonight 30s. 51 tomorrow as the snow return -- sun returns. friday 59 and a nice looking weekend. may believe some final lawn yard work, 65 saturday near 70 on sunday. monika? a bike ride? >> let's do it. >> a bike ride sounds really good on saturday. and after the heart walk of course. on the northbound side of i-95, the good news is that the accident near route 234 has been cleared. the bad news is look at that slow lineup coming up from the harbor almost 16 miles an hour that entire stretch until you get to that earlier stent scene and then beyond that you're fine. wood bridge into springfield. a live look a little bit north of that and here at the occoquan river things are much much improved until you get to springfield where of course you have the brake lights. back to the maps this time gw parkway looking good inside the beltway. no problems on 66 or the toll road trying to get to the
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beltway. 270 looks pretty much like this from85 down to 121 before the pace improves. when we come back democrat tim kaine defeats george allen. >> we'll have more on a night of narrow losses for some of the resurgent republicans who just couldn't cross the finish line. we'll be right back.
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welcome back. 6:23. your weather first. and we've got a few sprinkles in places like colonial beach down toward newland and reedville and even part of southern maryland. we are going to have a cold day with some showers maybe even some wet snow in spots this afternoon. and this evening. and as temperatures don't move much. here's a look at that day planner if we ever get -- there we go. cloudy skies now by lunchtime, 43 degrees. could be a sprinkle or two then but a better chance for some cold rain or wet snow shouldn't really stick on road surfaces. temperatures falling into the upper 30s. mike? thank you howard. in virginia, the race for president wasn't the only contest where candidates spent millions of dollars.
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that was the case in the u.s. senate race too. now the democrat thought this was going to be a close race in an early on -- here we go over here. here? here. hi. the democrats were thinking -- uh-oh. this is going to be close and tim kaine was a little bit worried in the beginnings but he had the end. peggy fox is there with the story. >> reporter: at 10:30, networks began calling the race for tim kaine. >> the next junior senator. [ cheering and applause ] tim kaine and holton. >> reporter: former governor tim kaine had 30 supporters on stage and family members including holeton who was a virginia governor in 1907. >> it's a great night to be a virginian. >> reporter: kaine railed against the expensive campaign $80 million worth and the outside interests. >> we were able to overcome the influence of the negative ads
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and prove once again the strength of people power grass roots campaigning. >> reporter: he now joins another former governor in the u.s. senate. there wasn't a lot of celebrating throughout the evening because tim kaine remains behind george allen for most of it. until the large northern virginia precincts began reporting. while tim kaine was at the podium giving his victory speech, networks called the race for president obama. >> nbc just called the presidential race for president obama. [ cheering and applause ] >> reporter: and richmond, peggy fox, 9news now. on the northbound side of i- 95, you want to watch out for accident clean-up at route 234. it's off to the shoulder lanes are open. but there are still delays getting by. here at the 14th street bridge things look good into downtown. i'll have more on traffic in my next report. you're watching 9news now, we'll be right back.
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we are back at 6:9. this is always the place the -- 6:29. a live look at the peoples' house and still divided after last night's election but hopefully they can reach over the aisle. it is already 40 degrees. and it might be a little rain and a little snow who knows what you'll get later on today. but thank you for starting your day with us, good morning, i'm andrea roane. >> the lights are on and hopefully someone is home. >> hopefully get something down. >> howard bernstein is live on the weather terrace with the forecast. >> i don't think the aisle is
6:30 am
that wide right? weather-wise a cold cloudy start. sprinkles in areas in virginia and new lynn and roadville and into southern maryland. then east and northeast will be the better chance this afternoon and tonight for some rain and even some wet snow to develop. here's a look at your day planner we've got the cloud out and we're in tysons corner looking east. clouds out there this morning. 43 by noon. so we're not going to see temps move much. a better chance for some rain showers and wet snow east of i- 95. with a 38-degree reading by 5:00 p.m. nor'easter's coming up the coast, we've got 42 in annapolis now with mid 30s in many areas north and west of town. and we do see the rain coming back toward coastal areas especially where the winds could gust 50 tour 60 on the coast -- 60 on the coast. heavier snows in jersey and eastern northeastern maryland and by the way coolidge high school in d.c. is closed today. heavy got no heat in -- they've got no heat in the bitting. monika samtani? it is getting busier and
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people are out and about now. trying to get to work and actually you may need the extra time now northbound on i-95 and that's because there was an accident in dumfries near route 234 here. it's been cleared. but look at the lineup coming up from the harbor before that actually and only going to go 16 miles an hour all the way up past triangle past dumfries before the base improves -- pace improves. beyond that a live look at 395 here at duke street. no issues except for the slow traffic all lanes have been open from duck street to seminary -- duke street to seminary road. back to the maps this time to the north side of town. outer loop of the beltway better than normal as you leave college park into silver spring. in fact a live look this on the chart camera and traffic is looking good here on the east side of town. once you head around the bend at 95 it slows down just a bit to new hampshire avenue. and i'll be back with more traffic at 6:43. back to you guys.
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election 2012 no doubt that's what our partners at "cbs this morning" are talking about. >> indeed. the lovely gayle king is going to preview what they will be talking about. good morning. >> i have a feeling mike and andrea, we may be talking about this election last night. just a feeling. hello you two. americans give president obama a second chance to change washington. we'll take you to the key states that decided the race. we'll look at what to expect next from the president. and the struggle republicans face over the direction of their party. plus bob schieffer, john dickerson, massachusetts senator elect elizabeth warren. virginia's governor bob mcdonnell and bob woodward and so much more. special election coverage at 7:00. back to you. >> in the words of ed sullivan a really big show this morning. >> that's a good way to describe it. see you guys. well, after nearly two years of campaigning and some $2 billion spent, the 2012 election is finally over. and president obama is headed back to the white house for
6:33 am
four more years. >> the money still sound staggering doesn't it? obama supporters partied into the night and early morning hours, kristin fisher is live from the capitol with more on the election outcome. good morning kristin. >> reporter: good morning. well you know this election really didn't change the power structure much here in washington. republicans retained control of the house and the democrats retained control of the senate. and the president is going to stay the president for the next four years. the person waking up to really big change this morning is of course governor mitt romney. after four years of campaigning straight, he's waking up knowing that it's all over. he lost. and he lost by a much bigger margin than initially expected. take a look at what his election night party looked like up in massachusetts. a room full of very disappointed romney supporters. the former governor walked out to deliver the concession speech around 1:00 a.m. almost two hours after the first projections came out that
6:34 am
he would lose the race. in his speech he congratulated president obama on his victory and said that he would even pray for his success in a second term. romney also referenced how much he had wanted this win and how hard he's fought for the it over the last few years. >> like so many of you, paul and i have left everything on the field. we have given our all to this campaign. [ cheering and applause ] i so wish -- i so wish that i had been able to fulfill your hopes to lead the country in a different direction. but the nation chose another leader. and so ann and i join with you  to earnestly pray for him and for this great nation. >> reporter: well, a teetotally different atmosphere -- totally different sphere in chicago. he delivered the victory feature around 1:30 this morning and his focus was all
6:35 am
about moving forward. actually expected to arrive back in d.c. a little bit later this afternoon and the big question going forward is of course what is the president going to be able to accomplish in his second term given the fact that the republicans did indeed retain control of the house? and you know the other big thing andrea can mike, this morning, republicans, democrat, i know people are feeling you know very different. depending on your political beliefs. but i think we can all come together and appreciate the fact that at least now no more campaign commercials. it's all over. we're not going to get those flyers in the mail tomorrow after a year -- what seems like years of campaigning. it's now over. and we have a clear winner. >> kristin, the work that needs to be done now. enough about the posturing, we have a lot of work ahead of us. let's get the guys doing what we pay them to do. kristin fisher live outside the capitol. in virginia democrat tim kaine he did defeat republican george allen for the u.s. senate race in virginia. final numbers here --
6:36 am
kaine will replace democrat jim webb who's retiring and stepping down if his seat. the campaign was costly the most expensive u.s. senate race in the nation. outside groups on their own totaled over $50 million in the one race alone. that's according to the center for responsive politics. there are also some critical issues that marylanders voted on yesterday. one of the most controversial? gay marriage. it passed 52% to 48%. now the state will be the first to approve same sex marriage by popular vote. there's also the dream act ballot which passed by a margin of 59% to 41%. undocumented immigrants can now pay in-state tuition at local community colleges. there's also question 7 which also passed. 52% to 48%. this allows for a casino in prince george's county and table games in five other gambling venues. bruce leshan has more. >> reporter: fireworks at
6:37 am
national harbor. as leaders in prince george's county celebrate victory in a fiercely fought battle of gaming giants. >> so happy. >> reporter: supporters of expanded gambling promise thousands of jobs and millions of dollars in new tax heavy ewe for schools and roads -- revenue for schools and roads. >> it's going for health care and jobs, and jobs, and jobs. >> but we've heard those empty claims before. >> reporter: critic vas i it is all a mirage -- credittics say it is -- critics say it is all a mirage. >> it's going to lead the political corruption. >> reporter: but voters sided with supporters and the man who developed national harbor promised an $800 million resort casino on a hill overlooking the potomac. a destination resort more like something you would see in las vegas. >> we're going to give you something that you will love. and in prince george's county really needs is an economic
6:38 am
development property. >> reporter: supporters say marylanders are already spending hundreds of millions of dollars at casinos in states like west virginia and delaware. they hope that a casino here overlooking the potomac might bring some of those dollars home and suck in people from all across the country who think this might be a good spot to gamble the night away. at national harbor, bruce leshan, 9news now. and the 2012 election ushered in an historic number of female senators. >> that's right. jessica doyle takes a look at the roles of women in campaign 2012. stay with us.
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welcome back to 9news now at 6:41. and 4 degrees, and we do -- 40 degrees. and we do have a couple of show spots on the interstates. first of all the northbound
6:43 am
side of i-95. that traffic is jammed from the harbor all the way up to dumfries without any break, about 16 miles an hour before the pace improves and then you've got the slow traffic again from lorton into springfield. a live look outside and further north here at the 14th street bridge. where you've joust got the slow traffic crossing the potomac river. pack to the maps this time the other slow spot you want to know about is 270. it's basically jammed out of frederick again at 16 miles an hour as you leave route 80 in urbanna down to 121 before the pace improves. beyond that you're fine to gaithersburg rockville and down to the point where the lanes divide. no issues on the west side of town as the american legion bridge. or the north side of town outer loop as you head from college park into silver spring. here's what it looks like at the american legion bridge. and by the way, if you're heading inbound on i-66 expect some slow traffic out of manassas into centreville and then it's route 50 to 123 more
6:44 am
inside the beltway approaching sycamore street before the pace improves there. back to you guys. all right, thank you monika. at 6:44. nice clear skies behind the capitol building but clouds are going to move. >> those were clouds. i think this lighting of the day right now. so we are overcast right now. but rain is going to then move in later today. maybe a few showers by midday. and some of the rain is going to turn even to wet snow as we head toward the afternoon and evening hours. don't think we'll have really any problems here. surface temperatures are too warm but north and east of us we could have a few issues, baltimore is under a winter weather advisory and winter storm warnings new jersey and parts of nebraska. we expect temperatures to really move very slowly today. only to about 43 by noon with a chance of a shower or two then especially south and east of town. then a rain/snow mix or rain to wet snow with temperatures in the upper 30s late this afternoon and even this evening. won't see too much dropoff tonight. mid 30s for lows with a little bit of wet snow and accumulate
6:45 am
a dusting or so here in town. but baltimore and northeastern maryland a trace to 2, 3 inches. we're seeing the storm now on the radar. lot more heavy stuff really along the coast and offshore. hurricane force warnings offshore. storm warnings along the coast. where it could gust to 60 miles an hour again coastal -- coastal delaware. that's rehoboth folks later with this storm. we've got some showers down in virginia. see the northern neck here the lower chesapeake some of those are made it into southern maryland and the eastern shore. from around oh denton east across delaware out into the atlantic. so we're going to have to watch this storm today. in any event it is going to get breezy and stay cold. low to mid-30s in the suburbs and outside on our michael & son weather camera, generally cloudy skies there. some breaks in the overcast at the moment. but the temperature of 40 at reagan national and north winds at 12 making it feel more like 33 degrees. on the futurecast here's the nor'easter coming up throwing the moisture back to the coast.
6:46 am
looks like mainly snow in interior sections of new jersey and deke. around here most of the rain is east of 95 until wet snow here this evening and a bit tonight as well. again you're traveling north and east this evening a few slick spot ashed here. maybe just some conversational wet flakes. today 43. tonight mid 30s. the wind are going to be picking up today tonight and even early tomorrow. could have some gusts over 30 in town. 51 on thursday. friday 59 and as we head toward the weekend much milder, 60s to even 70s by monday mike? another thing that's not happening or changing on capitol hill. virginia's representatives. northern virginia's newest congressman the 11th district democrat jerry connolly easily won. democrat jim moran downed republican murray in the eighth district and the longest serving northern virginia congressman republican frank wolf won in the 10th district.
6:47 am
>> in massachusetts elizabeth warren defeated scott brown. warren'sed a socksy work led to the founding of the u.s. consumer financial protection bureau. >> republican hopes evaporated months ago after the legitimate rape comments came out. mccase cast kill returned to capitol hill for another term. another candidate trying to rebound from controversial comments about rape, richard mourdock. however, he too lost the indiana senate race to joe donnellly. he will replace richard hugher who lost to mourdock in the may area. we go to jessica doyle with more on this. jessica? >> you've come a long way baby. the 113th congress will have at least 19 female senators. that's a record and two more than right now. kate shepherd from mother jones joins us right now andly talk
6:48 am
about the situation --you will talk about the situation. 19% of the senate. should we if celebrating? >> obviously it's a great milestone and we should be very happy we hit new record of -- hit this new record of number of women in the senate. but 19 out of 100 we still have a long whey do go speak -- way to go speaking in terms of the actual representation of the population of the united states. >> claire mccaskill for example. elizabeth warren. term us about the interesting characters who are coming to washington to serve in the senate. >> well, we had several firsts, warren was the first female senator from massachusetts. baldwin will be the first female senator from wisconsin. she's also openly gay. that's a fist. we have deb fisher in nl will be the first in -- nebraska. that's the first in that state. >> this is interesting when you looked at the presidential contest. single women voted for barack
6:49 am
obama. married women broke for mitt romney. how the parties are positioning women voters looking ahead? the issues they think are important to women. >> what's notable is that it shows the younger women are going to the drattic party. i think that's -- democratic party i think that's pretty clear. whereas the older women are still i think identifying more with conservative politicians. but young women are seeing this not just as culture issues not just women's issues, also looking at economic issues and i think there are a number of reasons that the democratic party resonated with them. i think they believed in healthcare reform and there are fans of the fair pay about that was signed into law by president obama. >> kate, thank you so much for staying with us this morning. and i know it was a long night for you so hopefully you can get some sleep. >> thanks for having me. >> back over to you guys. when we come back, a long road for both candidates. >> we have one final look at the elections. stay right here with 9news.
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welcome back, your weather first. and we've got a cloudy cold start and it's going to be cloudy and cold all day. with some rain showers and even some wet snow mixing in or changing to later this afternoon. with temperatures topping out 43. dropping into the upper 30s. if we have any minor accumulations here in the metro area it will be mainly on grassy surfaces and roads are just too warm. andrea in. all right, thank you howard. four more years after brutal bitter campaign. president obama has fought his way back to victory. the president and his supporters gathered in chicago to celebrate. >> democrat tim kaine bate allen in the u.s. senate race in virginia. kaine will replace jibben who was retiring. >> and one final look at those
6:54 am
maryland ballot issues. gay marriage passed by 52% to 48%. the dream act ballot passed 59% to 41%. question 7 also passed 52% to 48%. this question allows for a casino in prince george's county and table games in five other gambling venues. >> our time is 6:54. >> one more weather and traffic check when we come back. keep it here.
6:55 am
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6:57 am
hey, we're looking at a cold day today. we've got some rain showers already south and east of town. a cold rain that's going to change? nix with some wet snow later on. shouldn't really be any issues here in town with warm surfaces. but north and east of us could see some accumulations baltimore north and east especially. cold tonight mid 30s and any mix end and tomorrow 51 and much warmer by the weekend. monika? a late night.
6:58 am
and people are moving slow. for example here, on the outer loop at 95 to university boulevard, and take a look from our sky 9 in virginia. this is what you will have to deal with actually it looks pretty great here. doesn't look like this a couple of minutes ago. it's off and on from dale city to springfield. "cbs this morning" is next. they'll have the latest on election 2012. >> and howard and i of course will be back in 25 minutes with another live update on traffic and weather. >> visit us at and get latest results. >> more updates throughout the morning. see you back here tomorrow at 4:25. have a great day. before you leave though. derek mcginty starts from the beginning with a last look at campaign 2012. >> we will win this election and we will finish what we started in 2008. and remind the world why the united states of america is the greatest nation on earth. >> a president aiming for four more years. >> this is about america the
6:59 am
country we will have. it's in trouble. the love. it's in trouble. it needs our help. we're going to take it back and make sure america remains the hope of the earth. >> it's been a long road for them if for us. >> in america, we celebrate success, we don't apologize for success. >> if you reject the notion that our government is forever beholden to the highest bidder. >> the convention speeches. >> it took the president 14 days before he called the attack in benghazi an act of terror. >> he did in fact call the act of terror. >> no i didn't. >> i indicated -- >> the post debate spins. >> god bless you people of wisconsin. i need iowa. >> know where i stand? turn out to vote for me. >> and finally? the voting. and the president re-elected. [ captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email: ]

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